The Vaxa Deck

A lovingly crafted playing card deck of 54 uniquely painted cards.

About the Deck:

The Vaxa Deck comes in a soft-touch, spot gloss rigid box with a magnetic closure.

350 gsm paper stock, matte coating. This means that the cards are smooth to shuffle and have a semi-water resistant coating, so whether you are taking them out camping or for a playful game of poker with frosty glasses, your cards will be safe. 

Cards are standard poker size: 2.5” x 3.5”

Yellow gilded edges 54 unique, hand-painted, fine art cards

The deck has two field guide cards, so you can identify all of the flora featured.

Zodiac Wall Art

Brand new to the shop: Twelve thoughtfully painted and researched illustrations to represent the signs of the zodiac.

Zodiac Print | Cancer - The Vindur Shop

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"When I first got into tarot in the end of 2019 I knew I wanted to pick a deck that I was drawn to, even though there were things out there saying to choose the Smith-Rider-Waite classic. However, I wasn't drawn to it at the time. I came across the Vindur Deck V1 on a tarot website and immediately fell in love with the artwork. I clicked buy right away and waited patiently for my deck to come. This was a deck I learned on, and it was made easy because of the guidebook. The guidebook is one of the best I've seen, and people also ask if they can look through my guidebook, because it shares the numerology, the zodiac associations, and the elemental associations. I will admit it took a little more time to learn the tarot, but learning from a numerological association and looking at the cards really helped!

I love this deck so much that I bought the 2nd edition right away, as well and backed on Kickstarter the standard playing cards as well! The 2nd edition really added another level to The Vindur Deck. I love the changes of the people and adding more diversity, as well as changing up some of the cards that were a little more Pip style. Overall both of these decks are a staple in my collection and are ones that my friends love to look at and have me use for reading with them. I am so happy I got the original to start my tarot journey as I learned so much from just 78 cards."

-Ashley D. @talktarot.tome