The Vindur Deck v.II


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A hand-crafted 78-card tarot deck minimally and inclusively designed.

 Titled “Vindur,” after the Icelandic word for wind, this deck is to be used to tap into forces that are deeply felt, but are often unseen.

Gender neutral fool character.

Gender balance through the minor arcana.

Powerful and simple color pallet.

Trendless + timeless imagery focused on human, nature and design.

v.II updates:
Edge-to-edge artwork (boarderless)
New deck back, solar flower
16 entirely new card interpretations 
14 slightly adjusted and updated cards

Want a guidebook? Make it a kit!


What is included in the kit?

- illustrated 102 page printed guidebook, featuring zodiac correlations, numerology, suit details, card information and a continuous narrative arc through the major and minor suits.

- screen-printed tarot bag, printed by myself, in my studio. 

How do you want it?

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