The Vaxa Deck 

(Crowd-funded on Kickstarter May 2021)

 11/2021 update: Vaxa Decks are printed and are waiting in the que to board a freight ship to the USA. 

54 hand-painted flora playing cards. Minimal. Elegant. Modern. 

The flora in the Vaxa Deck are organized into themed suits that correspond to climate regions. 

  • Clubs (Wands): Forests/Mediterranean Flora
  • Hearts (Cups): Rainforests/Aquatic Flora
  • Spades (Swords): Alpine/Tundra Flora
  • Diamonds (Pentacles): Grassland/ Savannah/ High Desert Flora

Quality matters a lot to me. 

For The Vaxa Deck, easy and smooth shuffling alongside beautiful and high-quality art is my priority.

  • The Vaxa Deck comes in a soft-touch, embossed box
  • 350 gsm paper stock
  • Cards are standard poker size: 2.5” x 3.5”
  • Full Color
  • Yellow gilded edges 
  • 54 unique, hand-painted, fine art cards
  • 2 Field guide cards, so you will be able to identify all of the flora featured in The Vaxa Deck
  • This is the one and only print runVindur Astrology Booster Pack 

Vindur Astrology Booster Pack

(Coming to Kickstarter Feb 2022)

12 new Vindur cards, to supplement your Vindur Deck. New backing with artwork to correspond to the 12 of the zodiac signs. Will be released alongside a downloadable zodiac guide.

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Stickers and Prints will be released Nov/Dec 2021.


Downloadable Kickstarter Field Guide

(Coming March 2022)

Are you looking to launch your own deck on Kickstarter and don't know where to begin? 


Complete with timelines, to-do's, print houses, product details and more, this downloadable course will get you prepared to launch a successful campaign. Option to book me for advising sessions with purchase of field guide.