Hello + Welcome! 

Understanding the price of art can be tricky and very unique to each creator. This is why I wanted to allow you access to understanding why my prices are set as they are. Please remember, I am a one-woman company! Not only do I make all of your goods with my own hands, I do 100% of the admin, shipping, marketing, social media, accounting, editing, customer service, project pitching, website building and up-beat spirit of my brand! I try to keep my prices reasonable to ensure a personal philosophy of mine- that art should be accessible. That being said, I am a full-time artist and I am so grateful to be here, in this small corner of the world :)

Cards |

I am very lucky to report that with your help, my decks of cards (The Vindur Deck and The Vaxa Deck) were both initially funded through Kickstarter campaigns. This campaign pays for the initial batch of the product and campaign costs (including shipping (OMG, insane shipping costs!), shipping materials, supplemental materials, upgrades, etc), meaning barely anything from the campaign actually goes to paying me, the artist!  I am proud to report that now that the decks have landed here in the shop, after setting aside a percentage for taxes and business fees, I can finally make a profit off of them! 

Prints | 

The pricing of prints is dependent on several variables. The first is the size, naturally. The second is if there are any embellishments on the print. Embellishing the prints is something that I do by hand, and is therefore unique to each piece, making these prints original works of art by me. The third variable is if that print is a limited run. Some of my most affordable prints will always be a staple of my shop, and therefore are less exclusive. If it is a limited edition, that means that there will only be a set number printed EVER. Edition of 20? Only 20 prints of that piece will ever be made. It's pretty special! 


Original Art |

Similar to prints, prices on original work is dependent on several variables, and same as prints, the size is a major determinate. Second is the cost of material, for example, oil is a very expensive material, and so is gold-leaf. Third is how dated the painting is. A painting I make this year, is reflective of an ever-advancing skillset, inflation and is geared towards my current audience, making it a little more of a hot ticket. Looking for a deal on original art? Look for paintings I made for The Vindur Deck, v1!