Major Arcana Reversal Guidebooklet (print or digital download)


Major Arcana Reversals Guidebook 

Digital download or Printable PDF book format

33 pages expanding on the reversals in the major arcana. 

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Upright, The Lovers speak to a cyclical process where you receive, process, and push out again. In this reversal, something is clogging the cycle, and this can be revealed in two ways. One, you are gathering love and radiance, soaking up that luminous joy, but you’ve stopped synthesizing it, and it’s not expressing anymore. Eventually, if you don’t give back to the cycle again, the spring will dry up, and you will feel barren and empty, having slurped the fountain dry. Conversely, perhaps you are the only one feeding into a situation. You are giving and giving, and you are feeling depleted. This is no longer a relationship that feeds you back, and the perpetual hunger is exhausting.

Identify where you are in the cycle. What happened to the synergy that was there in the beginning? Attend to it before it is too late.