The Vaxa Deck


Orders Ship on *Wednesdays*

The Vaxa Deck is a lovingly crafted, hand-painted, single-print playing card deck. Each of the 52 cards in addition to two jokers are all uniquely illustrated.

The flora in the Vaxa Deck are organized into themed suits that correspond to climate regions. 

  • Clubs (Wands): Forests/Mediterranean Flora
  • Hearts (Cups): Rainforests/Aquatic Flora
  • Spades (Swords): Alpine/Tundra Flora
  • Diamonds (Pentacles): Grassland/ Savannah/ High Desert Flora

About the Deck:

  • The Vaxa Deck comes in a soft-touch, spot gloss rigid box with a magnetic closure. (Just listen for that little click at the end of the video! Drool.)
  • 350 gsm paper stock, matte coating. This means that the cards are smooth to shuffle and have a semi-water resistant coating, so whether you are taking them out camping or for a playful game of poker with frosty glasses, your cards will be safe. 
  • Cards are standard poker size: 2.5” x 3.5”
  • Yellow gilded edges 
  • 54 unique, hand-painted, fine art cards
  • The deck has two field guide cards, so you can identify all of the flora featured. 
  • This is the one and only print run
  • Launched on Kickstarter! See the story here. 

*All Decks will be shipped in 100% recyclable materials.